Dental Care

Dental Care

Scaling. Polishing. Preventing.

Dental hygeine for your companion starts at home. They're no different from any other family member and regular brushing will help to keep with teeth strong and healthy throughout their life.

At Animal Doctors we know that this is often difficult to practice and pets are prone to tartar buildup and dental disease - leading to bad breath, inflammation and pain.

Our vets  perform full oral examinations to check for damage or early warning signs and can advise you on an appropriate prevention regime. In some cases where further work is requried we draw on our compliment of veterinary dental equipment to:

  • Scale and Polish - reducing bad breath, removing tartar and helping to prevent gingivitis
  • Extract Damaged Teeth - removing the source of pain, bleeding and infection
  • Remove Oral Masses - improving oral comfort and to perform further testing

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