High Quality. Fast Results.

We know that it can be stressful when your pet is sick and everybody wants to get to a diagnosis as quickly as possible. We are fully equipped to take care of all our patients needs - from emergency trauma to routine health checkups.

With our well equipped diagnostic facilities we can get to the bottom of your pets problems while you wait. 

  • In House Lab - allows us to perform rapid testing with full haematology facilities, parasite diagnosis, rapid disease tests and cytology while you wait
  • X-Ray Suite - our modern radiology unit give fast images of bony and soft tissue problems
  • Ultrasound - lets us assess soft tissue conditions in real time as well as aids with pregnancy diagnosis and complex medical cases with a painless and non-invasive technique

Call 021 316 410
Or 020 7714 1144

Email: info@theanimaldoctors.org

Opening hours: 9am - 8pm (7 days)
24/7 Emergency and Critical Care

Address: Tha Deua, Km 3 between RMA and Rashmi Hotel

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