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1st Rabbit Relocation from Vietnam

ADI is the FIRST company to relocate Rabbits as Manifested Cargo out of Vietnam


For a long time now airlines have always said no!

But this time we wouldn’t take no for an answer!

Batman and Superman have been with Animal Doctors International since their owners adopted them.  They have boarded with us, been groomed by us, had their health looked after and had microchips place!  They really are two fluffy Bunnies that we have all grown to know and love.  Even us, up in the office have met these guys, hung out with them and grown very fond of them!

It was finally time for the owner to leave for a new opportunity, but leaving Superman and Batman would be a deal-breaker. We love it when an owner put’s their Fluffy children first! We all feel the same way about our Fur Family and this is what inspires us to come to work every day to keep families together 🐰💖🐰

The owner could not find any airline that would accept the Rabbits in Cabin or Checked Baggage, and at this point, we were used to Airlines rejecting Rabbits for Cargo and they again did the same…

It was finally time for our team to take on this fight. 💪🏼  We are all trained in LAR – Live Animal Regulations, Dangerous Goods Logistics, members of IATA and IPATA and know that it is possible to fly Rabbits all over the world. We also knew that there were airlines on this route that didn’t have restrictions listed for Rabbits – we did not want to accept the word no.

We spoke to the airline, shared the references.  We also pre-prepared everything for Import, arranged Import permits, agents approvals, customs acceptance. We put everything together as if the Rabbits were going on the flight and sent it to the airline…a Day later our Head of Pet Travel launched off her chair and was running around the office Fist bumping the air!  We had finally got an airline to accept!

Next on the agenda was preparing more documents to allow the Bunnies to Import into Singapore without the need for 14 days of Quarantine, as the Bunnies had been ADI patients all their lives we were able to provide all the evidence and documents needed to allow the Bunnies to Import directly. As their owner could not bypass quarantine, Superman and Batman enjoyed life in Rabbit boarding facilities while waiting for their human to be released from Quarantine.


Having the Rabbits and owner reunite was the most wonderful Christmas Gift for all of us.  We all at ADI will miss Batman and Superman greatly!


At Animal Doctors International we know that traveling with your pet can be daunting prospect and we’re here to help you with the Stress-free & high welfare Pet Travel.  Be internationally accredited by IATA and with the experienced experts, we are able to assist you in every Pet Relocation!

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