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Get to know a little bit about us and the compassionate hearts and skilled hands, committed to your pet’s health and happiness

About Us

At Animal Doctors International, we know our pets are more than just animals; they are cherished members of our families. That’s why our passionate team is dedicated to providing them with the highest quality of care, infused with love and expertise.

We established Animal Doctors International to deliver world-class veterinary services and preventative care in Southeast Asia. When it comes to pet healthcare, we hold ourselves to the same standards of excellence you’d find at the best animal hospitals in North America, Europe and Australia.

Our commitment goes beyond clinical excellence. We focus on building trust with pet owners through clear and empathetic communication. Understanding your pet’s health is essential, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

We take as long as you need to discuss your pet’s health in detail, ensuring you feel confident and reassured. At Animal Doctors International, your pet’s wellbeing and your peace of mind are our top priorities. Together, we keep your cherished companions happy, healthy, and thriving.

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Meet our team

A diverse group of people with a broad range of expertise, united in passion.


  • Dr Carlos
    Dr Carlos
  • Dr Luisina Percara
    Dr Luisina Percara
  • Dr Malki Kockmaduwa Gamage
    Dr Malki Kockmaduwa Gamage
  • Dr Sterenn Genewe-Cauboue
    Dr Sterenn Genewe-Cauboue
  • Dr Charlotte Guis
    Dr Charlotte Guis
  • Dr Sophie Herrmann
    Dr Sophie Herrmann
  • Dr Anna Klinnikova
    Dr Anna Klinnikova
  • Dr Martyna Lukmin
    Dr Martyna Lukmin
  • Dr Nicolas Mothes
    Dr Nicolas Mothes
  • Dr Tvesa Ranganath
    Dr Tvesa Ranganath
  • Dr JCK Sheetal
    Dr JCK Sheetal
  • Dr Miguel Londono
    Dr Miguel Londono
  • Dr Sunsaron Mao
    Dr Sunsaron Mao
  • Dr To Huyen
    Dr To Huyen
  • Dr Do Thang
    Dr Do Thang
  • Dr Tuyet Mai
    Dr Tuyet Mai
  • Dr Tuyet Ngan
    Dr Tuyet Ngan
  • Dr Phuong Thanh
    Dr Phuong Thanh
  • Dr Vongphet Xaykhamphew
    Dr Vongphet Xaykhamphew
  • Dr Sengthien Keovonglath
    Dr Sengthien Keovonglath
  • Dr Doan Quan
    Dr Doan Quan
  • Dr Kieu Trang
    Dr Kieu Trang
  • Dr Tran Quyen
    Dr Tran Quyen
  • Dr Nguyen Thuy
    Dr Nguyen Thuy
  • Dr Mai Van
    Dr Mai Van
  • Dr Tran Trinh
    Dr Tran Trinh
  • Dr Kim Ngan
    Dr Kim Ngan
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A holistic approach to health

Your pets can’t tell us about their lives and their symptoms, which is why quality pet care starts with our veterinarians establishing a close partnership with the people who know them best. We believe that strong communication between veterinarian and pet owner is essential in creating suitable treatment plans. Our veterinarians are experts in animal health and wellness, but you are the expert in your pet.

That’s why our number one priority is to listen and work closely with pet owners so that together we can ensure a happy and healthy life for your cuddly companions.

As the parent to our furry patients, you deserve complete transparency in all things related to your pet’s healthcare. That’s why you’ll always be part of every decision about your pet’s treatments.

Most of what differentiates our high standard of care is invisible to our customers because it’s behind the scenes. But it’s that behind-the-scenes investment in equipment and our attention to detail that allows us to operate at the highest levels in the veterinary healthcare industry.

Everything we recommend for your pet is the culmination of research, dedication and unparalleled levels of expertise to make sure every treatment is in the best interests of your pet.

Veterinary medicine isn’t just a job for us. Animal health and wellbeing is our vocation and a passion. Your pet is our top priority here. That’s why our team of highly trained veterinarians and support staff devote themselves to keeping your animal family in the best health.

We keep up with the latest developments in veterinary medicine by investing in ongoing education for our vets. Some of that training happens in-house; and for some of it we use international training providers.

Continuous training keeps our vets’ knowledge and skills at a world-class level. That way, you can be sure that your pet’s care always incorporates the most advanced thinking, techniques and treatment.

Here at ADI, we recognise that each pet has unique needs, habits and lifestyles. That’s why two pets can see us for the same reason but leave with different care plans. Everything we do for your pet is customised to their individual requirements.

The best animal doctor is made even better by a brilliant team. Our support staff receive extensive training to maintain the level of excellence we strive for continually.

We provide training workshops and use a considered combination of processes and systems to ensure you and your pet receive the best and most knowledgeable service — from a friendly welcome to thorough follow-up.