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Our team

Passionate. Dedicated. Exceptional.

We are proud to draw together the best of Laos, Vietnamese and International experience in our hospitals. Our team members are driven to provide the very best veterinary care to all our patients while maintaining our exceptional standards of client service.

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Dr. Will

International Veterinarians

Dr William oversees the operations of Animal Doctors in Vietnam and Lao PDR where he draws on his experience in Equines, Companion Animals and Exotics across Asia.

Dr. Tara

International Veterinarian

As the Clinical Director, Dr. Tara is responsible for all aspects of our clinical governance and protocols including managing our team, consulting on difficult cases or implementing training courses. Dr. Tara's experience is second to none.

Dr. Martyna

International Veterinarian

Dr. Martyna has travelled the world working as a Veterinary Surgeon and is happy to call Vietnam home.

Dr. Cynthia

International Veterinarian

After graduating in 2018 Dr. Cynthia has been traveling and volunteering in animal shelters and rescue centers all across Asia. This way she has honed her skills on recognizing and treating the diseases that are so prevalent here, before joining ADI in November 2019.


International Veterinarian

Dr. Beatriz graduated from the Federal University of Lavras in Brazil and then had an internship in Hungary. She has earned lots of experience and improved her skill in Europe. Until August 2020, Dr. Beatriz joined ADI Vietnam team.

Dr. Cassandra

International Veterinarian

With the love for animals and care about animal welfare as well as Vietnamese culture, she wants to promote the health and welfare of animals in Vietnam and travel the country. In September 2020, Dr. Cassandra joined ADI Vietnam team.

Dr Sylvian

International Veterinarian

Dr Sylvain for the last 13 years worked as a Surgeon, Wildlife and Shelter veterinarian in France, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos.

Dr. Bich

Junior Veterinarian

Bich chose to be a Junior Vet because she cares about animal welfare. She always wants to try her best to ensure the best for our patients.

Dr. Vinh

Junior Veterinarian

To me, the love toward pets of our clients is what I always appreciate. And it is also the motivation for me to provide excellent healthcare services everyday.

Dr. Han

Junior Veterinarian

Han, a Veterinary Assistant, she's a true animal lover - with a menagerie of chipmunks and squirrels!

Dr. Nhu

Junior Veterinarian

My favourite thing about the clinic is working with the people I work with, we are an awesome team. Having the unknown come through our door we are ready and organized to take anything on.

Dr. Thanh

Junior Veterinarian

Dr. Trang

Junior Veterinarian

As we help animals, we’re also providing a valuable service to humans. People are extremely fond of their pets and other animal companions.



One thing we all know for sure is every pet deserves a chance to have a spa day with Dat - they love it!

Dr. Ngan

Junior Veterinarian



The word best associated with dogs is “Happiness”. Dogs are happy animals. They don’t regret the past. They don’t worry about the future. They live in the present. Just seeing them makes me happy and relax. Also, they don’t pretend to be happy. They don’t hesitate to show they are happy. They are loving creatures and express them using their whole body. I really admire them.


Customer Experience Manager


Customer Service

Thảo is our customer service in the D7 clinic.


Customer Service

Vy is always willing to support customers by providing helpful information, answering questions, and responding to complaints. And she has a talent in making our clients feel familiar with Animal Doctors International when they come to us.





She performs a wide range of clerical and organizational duties that are essential to keep the Clinic running smoothly, yet is still able to carry on conversations and entertain our guests in the waiting rooms at the same time.



She is always enthusiastic and cheery, and her smile adds warmth to her greetings as she welcomes our guests into the Clinic for their pets’ appointments.


Country Manager

Noel manages the Animal Doctors offices and oversees the Lao clinic. She makes sure we always have the right medicines for your pet and enough toys and snacks to keep them entertained.

Dr. Triet

Business Development

Triet has many talents and these range from supporting our new clinics pre-opening through to ensuring compliance with regulations and supporting the veterinary team with ensuring equipment and medicine is always available.



Dr. Eloise

International Veterinarian

After graduating in 2016 from the Royal Veterinary College in London, UK, Eloise gained a lot of experience working with small animals in Kent, England for 2 years.

Dr. Eduardo

International Veterinarian

Studied Veterinary Medicine at UTAD in Portugal. He spent his first year after graduation working in different practices in Portugal. In 2019 he had his first experience working abroad and moved to Malta, just before he decided to come to South East Asia in 2021. He is excited about joining the team and looking forward to discover Laos.

Dr. Sengthien

Laos Veterinarian

Graduated in Higher Diploma from Xayyabouly Province in major Livestock and Fisheries in 2016.

Dr. Vongphet

Laos Veterinarian

Graduated in Bachelor degree from Faculty of Agriculture, National University of Lao. I’m from Huaphun Province.

Dr. Buathun

Laos Veterinarian

Graduated in Bachelor degree in major Livestock and Fisheries from Faculty of Agriculture, National University of Lao.

Dr. Parvilath

Laos Veterinarian

I’m very proud of myself for being the VA here that makes me can help the animal life and I’m very happy while I’m seeing the customers’ smiling.



His duties are communicating with clients, preparing and submitting documents for Pet Travel and providing my best service to customers.



Her duties are communicating with clients, preparing and submitting documents for Pet Travel and providing my best service to customers.


Pet Travel Executive

Pauline is the first person you think about when all of the things you need are caring, thoughtful and professional. Besides, she has a vast knowledge about South East Asia's culture and she is an expert at helping you and your pet relocate to new places in Vietnam and Laos.


Human Resource

At Animal Doctors International, I feel everyone look like my family members. Besides that, I have chances to meet many cute and adorable puppies and kittens during working hours, which makes me more love my works.



Ms. Phuong is a friendly accountant with a positive attitude who puts colleagues’ needs first and provides assistance in any way she can. She enjoys the challenge of researching complex matters and finds optimum solutions for any problem. She is very thorough in her work and ensures that quality service is being provided on a timely manner.


Admin Executive

She started with at Animal Doctors International in 2020. Her favourite thing about the ADI is that it's never the same every day. There is always something different, to see, to do and to learn.


Pet Travel Executive

I love being able to combine my love for animals and work. Each pet tells a different story and I love that I get to be part of their journey.


Graphic Designer


Marketing Manager

I'm an passionately and proactive Marketer, with love for animals and my abilities, I would like to spread out the message of helping animal through my works.