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Vet Hospital

The difference

Want to know what make us special?

We are always coming up with ways to make your visit as pleasant as possible.

Some of these will be well-known by our customers – but many of these happen ‘behind the scenes’ and you may not even notice. Here we’ll give you an insight into what makes us so different!

The Difference

Vaccination protocol to fit your specific pet – we are not in the vaccine selling business; our goal is to protect your pet from relevant diseases. We do not give unnecessary vaccinations.

Safest & most effective medicines available – through continued education, partnerships with industry leaders, and research, we stay current with the safest and medically effective options for your pets.

It’s about the “Why” – we understand that our customers, staff, and partners need to understand why we believe what we believe. When people find correlations in what they believe with each other, those partnerships have endless possibilities.

Surgical Suite – we perform surgery in a clean environment free of distractions and full of important medical devices and technology.

Open Everyday – we offer a full service every day to help our clients and their pets out when they have a busy work week.

Smiles – Our staff are always happy and courteous to all our valued customers.

Open Clinic – every client or guest is offered a tour of our facility.

Clean & open exam waiting room – we want a warm and inviting facility that helps decrease stress for the patient and the owner.

Our clinic smells good! – Animal Doctors works hard to not “smell like a vet clinic.” We want the environment to be as warm and welcoming as possible to keep pets calm while they’re waiting.

Great clients – we can only do as much as our clients will allow us to do. Luckily, Animal Doctors customers embrace the relationship with their pets and value preventative medicine.

Great patients – the reward of making pets feel better and live longer is awesome. Our patients are such a joy to work with each day.

Organized & friendly Client Service – we know our front staff is integral to building effective relationships with our customers.

Drop-offs welcome – we know our clients have busy schedules. We welcome early appointment drop-offs and late pick-ups, caring for your pet while they wait.

Paperless records – our records are entered into a software system allowing easy record transfers, email, information look-up, etc. We back-up our system daily to keeps records safe.

Complete internal & external lab services – we use comprehensive international standard laboratory companies to handle all types of services. When we need something even faster, we have in-clinic lab equipment available.

Excellent client communication – this is one of the most important traits we value in our employees. We cannot provide good care if we cannot communicate effectively.

Veterinary collaboration – we ask our veterinarians to check their egos at the door. We run our practice like a team and we continuously discuss cases openly and honestly to gain valuable insight.

Internships – we mentor veterinary students that want to learn more about companion animal medicine

Microchipping – we register every patient that gets microchip at Animal Doctors with the relevant contact information so the pet can be found if ever lost.

TV & Media Contributors – our veterinarians are a clinical resource for local media and are consistently asked to provide information and resources for various projects

Customer Service is #1 – excellent medical care is extremely important but we recognize we cannot do anything medically if we aren’t taking care of the customer. Helping people get their pets in the car, dropping off medications at a client’s house, or going above and beyond in any other way is what this practice is all about.

Comprehensive care – want to provide every avenue of care for your pet. Unlike Human medicine, we focus on the entire patient rather than individual specialties.

Client education – we want clients to leave understanding the problems and the solutions. We are veterinarians, but we all have the heart of a teacher.

You want to learn? – No problem, we will teach you! Nail trims, oral care, and even at-home glucose curves. We all have the knowledge and staff available to help you care for your pet.

Pets are family – we value the role your pets play in your family. We treat them as if they were your children and we recognize the bond our customers have with their pets.

Exotics – Animal Doctors doesn’t limit the family pet to just dogs or cats. We also enjoy medicine for birds and exotic pets.

Emergency Surgery – We will always make sure every pet is taken care of, even if it means we stay after hours to help any emergency.