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VIPET Program

Vipet card policy


  • Free and Unlimited Standard & Revisit Consultations for 12 months for your pet.
  • Free Nail clipping.
  • 5% Discount on all Surgical Packages.
  • VIP Access to special offers and promotions throughout the year.
VIPET Program


  • Free and Unlimited Standard & Revisit Consultations for 1 year for your pet: All consultations require an appointment and are to be scheduled during normal clinic hours. Therefore, the unlimited free consultations are not eligible during public holidays, after clinics normal hours of operation, housecalls, veterinary second opinions or behaviour consultations. The consultations are available at all ADI clinics and may be performed by a vet assistant or veterinarian at ADIs discretion. The consultations are to be a maximum of 20 minutes in length. Consultations that exceed 20 minutes are not covered by this program and are payable according to the usual current fee schedule.
  • Free Nail Clipping: Free simple nail clipping carried out by Veterinary Assistants, nurses and grooming staff during normal clinic hours.
  • 5% Discount on all Surgical Packages: Applicable to all package surgical procedures including dentals. This does not include veterinary treatment and prescription mediations whether clinically indicated for treatment, as prophylactic care or dispensed post-procedure. To be eligible for discount payment must be made in full at the time of admission. All laboratory diagnostics are payable according to the usual current fee schedule.


1) The member acknowledges these terms and conditions and agrees that the membership benefits are limited to reasonable usage. Reasonable usage as determined by ADI may exclude entitlements to members on the basis of unreasonableness.

2) ADI may vary this policy from time to time.

3) In circumstances where ADI considers usage of a benefit to be unreasonable, ADI may:

(a) notify the member that the usage is unreasonable; and
(b) if the unreasonable usage continues after notification, may without any further notice, terminate the membership.

4) The member acknowledges these terms and conditions and agrees that by applying for membership and/or accepting any membership benefits that they (jointly and severally if applicable) are bound by these terms and conditions and any other terms and conditions notified by Animal Doctors International from time to time.

5) In case of non-payment of any fees due to ADI the member acknowledges that this membership will become null and void and no benefits will be applicable until payment of the outstanding balance is made in full, at which point the membership will be reactivated.


1) Membership is limited to one (1) nominated Companion Animal (i.e. a domesticated canine or feline) per annual membership. Separate memberships must be purchased for each additional Companion Animal owned by a participating client (‘member’).

2) Membership fees are regulated by ADI and is 4.500.000VND/year per companion animal.

3) The annual membership fee will be reviewed on 1 January of each year. Members will be advised of any change in the membership fee and subsequent changes will apply from the anniversary of the commencement of membership.

4) Membership is on an annual basis commencing from the date of subscription. A renewal notice will be sent to each member by email at least one (1) month prior to expiry of the annual membership.