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With more and more travel routes opening up so are Pet Relocation request.

Please remember to follow the basics requirements for most Pet moves.

  • Microchip
  • Rabies Vaccine
  • DHPPi+L for Dogs / FVRCP for cats

If your pet doesn’t yet have their Microchip and vaccines here are some of the minimum time frames you are looking at before your pet can enter the destination country:

    • UK and EU – 90 days
    • USA – 30 days
    • Singapore – 6 months
    • Taiwan – 180 days
    • Japan – 180 Days

Many countries follow a specific set of processes with strict timelines. For example here is the process for entering Japan from Vietnam:

Pet relocation to Japan

If you are planning to relocate your DOG or CAT to EU, here are the basic requirements:

Pet relocation requirements

It is important to fully aware of requirements and process of Pet Relocation. Our Pet Travel team is experienced in advising and assisting with transporting pets all over the world. Our dedicated and caring staff can assist you with all aspects of bringing your loved pets into or out of Vietnam, whether it’s advice on the safest method of travel or assisting with travel documentation we are always available to help. Learn more about our Pet Relocation Service

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