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5 Tips To Keep Your Senior Pet Happy & Healthy

Like humans, as dogs and cats age, they can begin to experience health problems. But unlike us, they often can’t let us know that they’re feeling unwell. That’s why regular visits to the vet and health checks are so important. […]



How Old Is Your Dog in Human Years?

Tell us: How old is your dog in dog years? How old is your dog in human years?


, General

A Basic Guide to Your Pet’s Veterinary Needs

This guide is a brief overview of your pets veterinary need basics. For a more in-depth understanding of pet care, we recommend the readings on our Pinterest: Website: or come in and get a free consultant for the first time […]



5 Must Haves If You’re Getting A Puppy

  Bringing home a new puppy is exciting—and a bit overwhelming. Let us help! These tips are a good start to training your puppies! Another important thing, make sure you get your pets core vaccines like rabies, parvovirus, and adenovirus […]


Pet Travel

6 Myths about Traveling with Your Pet on a Plane

Many myths exist about relocating your pets, so we thought we’d review some of them and offer solutions for easing pre-travel worries about moving with your four-legged family members!     Animal Doctors International is now a full member of […]


Pet Travel

Pet Travel Tips

So you're ready to travel the world with your pet by your side. But what do you need to prepare for your fur baby?



5 Unhealthy Myths about Pets’ Mouths

You see your dog or cat’s teeth every day, but how much do you really know about them?