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1. Create an Instagram account for your dog.
2. Teach him or her a new trick.
3. Take a training/obedience class together.
4. Create a piece of art with your dog’s silhouette.
5. Treat yourself and your dog to a day at a pet-friendly spa.
6. Take your dog to a dog park. They will LOVE this!
7. Take a selfie of you and your dog for a whole month.
8. Create an art project together.
9. Just Be Together.
10. Cuddle every day.
11. Buy them the softest blanket you can find.
12. Take a hike.
13. Bring them on a weekend camping trip with you.
14. Go swimming.
15. Let them dig in the sand while you build a sandcastle next to them on the beach.
16. Explore a new part of town together or take a walking tour of your city.
17. Shop at a pet store together. But keep your eye on them by the treat section…
18. Bike around town, and bring them in an attached buggy or basket.
19. Show your dog some pet videos of dogs of the same breed barking and whining. Their reaction will be priceless.
20. Take a nap and cuddle together on a lazy rainy day.
21. Watch a sunrise or a sunset together.
22. Go to an off-leash dog park and let them run free.
23. Play frisbee with your dog.
24. Go to a dog-friendly coffee shop.
25. Sign your dog up for an obedience class.
26. Treat your dog with pet-friendly essential oils.
27. Do a doggie spa day.
28. Watch TV with your dog.
29. Set up a cozy window seat or way for your dogs to look out the window.
30. Let your dog sit on your lap.
31. Play hide-n-seek together.
32. Take random pictures of your dog daily.
33. Get professional photos taken of you and your dog.
34. Make a special homemade treat for your dog.
35. Dress your dog up for Halloween or dress up together.
36. Offer to walk a friend’s dog or neighbor’s dog when you go for your walk.
37. Talk to your dog.
38. Do yoga together.
39. Meditate together.
40. Dance with your dogs.
41. Teach your dog “find it”. Hide toys and teach them to find the toys.
42. Get a professional massage for your dog.
43. Give your dog a bone.
44. Tell them and show them how much they mean to you.
45. Adopt another dog together.