Who are we?

We are Southeast Asia’s leading Veterinary Hospital group, and the first of our kind when it comes to international standards of veterinary care in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and shortly expanding into Thailand too! 

Our founder, Dr. Will Thomas – built Animal Doctors International back in 2014 after travelling throughout Laos and SE Asia. Here, he saw the huge need for a veterinary hospital  that put animal welfare before all else. 

In what is a challenging environment, we’re delivering the best veterinary services in the region, and our pet care is on par with some of the best animal hospitals all over the world! 

So far we have helped over 100,000 animals receive the gold standard care they deserve across our veterinary hospitals in Southeast Asia. To continue doing this – we need the best veterinarians around! 

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At ADI, our core values inspire us to work with unwavering integrity and passion. We relentlessly pursue excellence and embrace compassion for every patient, while courageously challenging the status quo. Join our team and experience the fulfilment of a truly purpose-driven veterinary career.

A career with purpose

We want to be the best veterinarians providing the best treatment comparable to the highest international standard. That’s why we invest heavily in the latest medicine, equipment and facilities — all designed for better, more accurate diagnoses and results. You’ll have everything you need to make a positive difference to the pet families you serve.

While ADI treats pet patients seven days a week, we believe in keeping promises and being present for your loved ones. So how does a four-day working week sound? That means more flexibility, choice and rest for our hardworking staff. You’ll have more time with your friends and families, and return to work refreshed and motivated.

Southeast Asia is a place of endless possibilities. When you join our team, you’re not just starting your career off on the right foot, you’re starting a new life in a region with bustling cities, rich culture and diverse natural beauty.

Many of your clients will be first-generation pet owners. They’re on the edge of a societal change and they’ll value your advice and guidance on being good pet owners. By working alongside these pet parents, you’ll be helping a society to shift its values, improving animal welfare and having a positive impact how all animals are treated.

Moving to a new country is a massive step, but you’re not alone in this. Here, you have a professional family who’ll be with you every step of the way. We’ll provide you with everything you need for a fresh start in Southeast Asia. This includes immigration paperwork, airport pickups and help with accommodation. We also have an extensive support network to help newcomers adjust to life in the region.

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Shape the Future of Pet Care