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It’s time to spoil your feline friends with these easy-to-make toys! And of course, they are far cheaper than what’s available in the shops!



Pom-poms add a fun pop of color and texture to your feline friend’s collection. They’re easy to make and you don’t need any special tools or supplies. Try to make some pom poms by yarn, old T-shirts or any pieces of fabric you have! Remember not to use plastic material to make. Your cats will not be safe once they eat it.


Sewing skill demanded to make this kind of toy: 0.

Time: 5 minutes.

Material: Old clothes or any pieces of fabric you can get.

Your cat will feel thankful for this!



Ribbon wands are super easy to make. Your furry friends can spend hours jumping up and down, trying to catch the colorful balls or ribbons of the wand. Make your lazy cat an active cat now with a funny ribbon wand!

Have you ever think about making a bed for your little cat? Winter is over and it’s time to make use of your ugly sweater!

Every cat loves to play with mouses. Although it asks more sewing skills than other toys do, it’s still super simple and can be done in about 10 minutes or less.

Prepare a scratching post at home is a good way to get your four-paws-friends forget about attacking your furniture.

Cats love cardboard box so much! Therefore cat parents have no reason to skip this unexpensive and available material. Believe us, everything you create with a cardboard box will drive your cat crazy!