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Dog Training

Group Obedience Lessons

Group Obedience

Group obedience classes are held at our District 2 Hospital for dogs of any breed from 6 months and older. These classes run for 6 weeks and are held on Thursday evenings at 6:30pm and Sunday mornings at 9am.

During these classes you will be instructed on how to train your dog in all the basic obedience commands; sit, drop/down, stay, come, place, and calm loose leash walking. Your dog will also be conditioned to be calm and well behaved around distractions, other dogs and people and to engage with you when out in public.



When booking your dog please inform us which class you’d like to attend – either the Thursday or Sunday class. Dates for classes will be posted regularly on our social media or you can call our hotline to enquire when the next class starts.

The fee for the 6-week obedience class (per dog) is 5,000.000 VND.