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Dog Training

In-home Behavioural Consultations

In-home BehaviouraL

For those dogs with more complex behavioural issues Mark is able to offer in-home consultations as the preferred way to help dogs and their owners combat these undesirable behavioural issues. Being able to observe your dog in its natural environment allows Mark to have a better understanding of the relationship your dog has with you and your family. Mark will also be able to observe your dog’s unwanted behaviours where they are manifesting themselves as a dogs behaviour will often change when they are taken away from the environment they feel most comfortable in. In some cases it can be difficult to understand why your dog is behaving the way it is, if not observed in its natural environment.

In most cases a dogs behaviour is a reflection of its environment and its relationship with its owner/s. Many dog owners unintentionally and unknowingly cause an imbalance in their relationship with their dog, causing confusion from the dogs perspective in regards to its relationship with its owners (and even with other people). Mark’s number one priority when supporting dog owners is to help them to understand their relationship with their dog better, from a perspective that the dog can understand. In many cases when the relationship is reset to a more balanced and natural state, many behavioural issues tend to disappear. Modifying a dog’s behaviour is never just about fixing the dog, as a dog isn’t broken – in most cases it’s the relationship that is broken. You are your dogs greatest influence and your dog is continually learning from you, even when you are not consciously training your dog!


The initial home consultation lasts approximately 2 hours.

This allows time to understand the issues you are having, observing your dog to understand why it is displaying the undesirable behaviour/s and guiding you on a course of action to help modify your dog’s behaviour.

If more intensive assistance is required, Mark will plan a training package with you during the initial visit, which can include further sessions in your home or private lessons at our Hospital. In most cases, many clients find a single consultation is all they require. However, some dog owners may prefer further visits to help guide them through the behaviour modification process, especially if there are issues such as severe aggression.

3 Months Follow-up Support

Mark’s in-home behavioral consultations also include 3 months online follow-up support, via WhatsApp or Zalo. This is to assist clients through the behavior modification process with their dog, if they require further assistance. This support can include text messages and video assistance. Please note, this follow-up support is for the behavioral issues that were addressed during the home consultation only, and not for additional training advice.

Please contact us for in-home consultation fees.

***If the you do not speak English, it is advisable if they can organize an English speaking family member or friend to attend the home consultation, to assist with English to Vietnamese translations.