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Dog Training

Puppy Classes

puppy classes

Puppy classes are held at our District 2 Hospital every Wednesday at 6:30pm. These classes are for pups from 10 weeks (after their second vaccination) up until 38 weeks of age. Puppy classes are very beneficial for early correct socialisation, confidence building and training. During these classes we supervise your puppy’s interaction with the other pups in the class to ensure correct early socialisation. We also include confidence building exercises for your puppy and simple obedience training for commands such as sit, drop/down, stay, come and basic leash walking. Mark is there to assist and offer advice for any behavioural issues you may be having at home.



When booking your place on the puppy class, you can commence any Wednesday evening, and attend as often as you like right up until your puppy is 38 weeks of age.

The class runs every Wednesday from 6:30pm to 7:30pm.

  • A package of 4 classes is 2,000.000 VND per puppy.
  • A package of 10 classes is 4.500.000VND per puppy.
  • Individual classes are 550,000 VND per puppy.
  • Classes are run weekly and you can attend any session until your puppy is 38 weeks of age.