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Dog Training

Seminar & Workshop

Seminar & Workshop

Mark conducts seminars and workshops on a regular basis throughout the year. These events focus on different areas of dog behaviour, psychology and training.

We will also on occasion invite highly regarded international professional dog trainers to conduct events in Vietnam. Of course, these will have to wait until COVID-19 border restrictions are relaxed and international travel is more freely open once again!

Every seminar and workshop will be advertised through our newsletters, on our page and social media – follow us here! If you feel the workshop or seminar will be of interest to you just contact us to book the event.

These are usually one day events but can run from 2 hours up to a full day depending on the subjects we are covering for the particular event.




Seminars are held on different subjects regarding dog behaviour and training. These events are no dog events – you do not bring your dog. They are run in an informal sit-down presentation and discussion format.


Workshops are more an interactive type event where you bring your dog and learn about different training methods, behavioural issues and behaviour modification techniques in a practical format.