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If you are planning to take good health care for your four-legged friends, come visit Animal Doctors District 7 to get our huge offers only this month!

This is an effort by Animal Doctors District 7 to say thank you for all our dearest clients and patients!

From today until the end of May, all clients visiting Animal Doctors District 7 will enjoy these offers:

With every box of Heartguard
Get 1 FREE heartworm test

It’s not just humans that are at risk from Mosquitos. Although Malaria tends not to affect our pets, mosquitos spread deadly heartworm – one of the most deadly diseases around. The good news is that it’s easily preventable by monthly tablets. The bad news is that there are too many cases every year in Saigon that end with poor outcomes. All dogs should start preventatives from 3 months of age for as long as they’re in an at-risk country. Adults dogs need to be tested (one drop of blood and 10 minutes is all it takes) prior to starting a prevention to ensure no current infection.

With every Bravecto
Get 1 FREE Tick fever test

Prevention of parasites is much easier than eliminating parasites once a pet is infected.

Regular prevention for your pet can save you money on veterinary bills by helping your pet avoid a trip to the vet for emergency treatment & ensure your pet is healthy and happier for longer.

With every dental scale and polish
Get 1 FREE dental package

Dental hygiene for your companion starts at home. They’re no different from any other family member and regular brushing will help to keep teeth strong and healthy throughout their life.

At Animal Doctors we know that this is often difficult to practice and pets are prone to tartar buildup and dental disease – leading to bad breath, inflammation and pain.

With every grooming service
Get 1 FREE nail clipping

Dog nail clipping is an essential part of any grooming routine. Short nails allow your dog to walk comfortably, reduces the chance of injury, avoids to break their skin when scratching and so on.

There fore, your furry best friend deserves a quality nail trim to improve the quality of life!

We hope that you and your fur-kids could take advantage of these special offers and enjoy our premium services in Animal Doctors District 7.

Our highly-skilled international veterinarians are ready to give your pets the best care they deserve.

Special offers only last this month. Call or inbox us to book an appointment now!