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Fever in dogs? Causes and easy treatment

Fever in dogs is a condition that a lot of people bump into while housing a dog. There are many causes that lead to your dog having fever. Finding out the sign of your dog having a fever will help you choose the best way to take care of them and prevent the fever from becoming worse or fatal. So, what would you do if your dog had a fever? Below are some causes and ways to quickly cool down your dog at home.

Chó bị sốt

Fever in dogs

1. Causes of fever in dogs

Before looking into how to improve the situation when a dog gets a fever, we will first look into the causes of fever in dogs.

1.1. Fever by infection

Infection is one of the main reasons for fever in dogs. When your dog gets attacked by inimical bacteria, fungus or virus, their body will be infected. There are many parts in a dog’s body that present a risk of infection like the brain, lungs or kidneys… Below are the common infections in dogs:

  • Infected urinary system
  • Ear infection
  • Infection of the liver and kidneys
  • Wound infection
Nhiễm khuẩn là nguyên nhân khiến chó bị sốt

Infection makes a dog sick

1.2. Fever after vaccination

After vaccination, most dogs will get a fever. That is because a dog’s immune system usually reacts against the vaccine by heating up the body. That’s why, you don’t have to worry when your dog gets a fever after vaccination, this condition may stay for about 1 to 2 days. However, in the meantime, if your dog has signs of continuous high fever and no sign of healing after 1 or 2 days then you should immediately take your dog to a vet for a check-up and treatment.

1.3. Fever CAUSED by poison

If your dog, unfortunately, gets in contact with some toxins or rat killers, human medications or expired foods. The toxin will then go through the body, disabling some normal functions. This can easily cause your dog a high fever. That’s why you need to keep your dog out of reach of these substances.

Chó bị nhiễm các chất độc có khả năng bị sốt cao

Dog infects with toxins have a high chance of fever

1.4. Fever of unknown origin

There are times when your dog gets a fever, but it is unable to identify the specific cause, with this condition, veterinarians usually diagnose your dog with FUO (fever of unknown origin). This condition usually happens with dogs that have poor circulation, disorders of the immune system or signs of cancer.

2. Signs of fever

Here are the signs that your dog is getting a fever, you can use these signs to determine your dog’s condition.

2.1. Sitting in one place and not as active as usual

When your dog is sitting in one place, interacting with you, other animals or surrounding furniture less than normal then it’s possible that your dog is getting a fever. That is because fever can make organs weaker resulting in your dog getting tired and don’t want to play.

Khi chó bị sốt thường có biểu hiện mệt mỏi

Dog with fever usually shows signs of tiredness

2.2. Ear and nose getting hotter

When your dog gets a fever, the nose and ear will be the place that most clearly expresses it. Usually, a healthy dog will have a clean and wet nose but with a fever, it will be hot and dry. The ear is also a place for you to determine if your dog is getting a fever. If the ear is hotter than other areas in the body then you can be sure that your dog is having a fever.

2.3. Leave out the food

One of the most obvious behaviors when your dog has a fever is when they lose appetite or leave out the food. If your dog eats less than usual or doesn’t eat anything at all, even their favorite food, it may ring an alarm that your dog is getting a fever. So what to do when this happens? Let’s take a look with us on some ways to resolve the situation.

3. What to do when your dog has a fever?

Khi chó có dấu hiệu bị sốt, điều đầu tiên bạn cần là nhanh chóng đo nhiệt độ của chó. Thường thì nhiệt độ của chó sẽ cao hơn nhiệt độ cơ thể người, nhưng nếu nhiệt độ đo được là 39.5 độ hoặc cao hơn thì bạn nên mang chó đến các phòng khám thú y uy tín như tại bệnh viện thú y quốc tế Animal Doctors International để kịp thời kiểm tra tình trạng của chó và xác định được chó có bị bệnh gì nguy hiểm hay không. Để từ đó, có biện pháp xử lý kịp thời nhanh chóng, tránh tình trạng diễn biến xấu, thậm chí có thể gây tử vong. Dưới đây là một số cách hạ sốt nhanh cho chó tại nhà.


When your dog has signs of fever, the first thing you need to do is quickly measure the body temperature of your dog. The body temperature of a dog usually exceeds a human’s but if it is higher than 39.5 degrees Celsius then you should take your dog to accredited vets like Animal Doctors International to quickly check up on your dog’s condition and find out if your dog is in danger or not, preventing it from getting worse. Here are some ways to quickly cool down your dog at home.

3.2. Get your dog to drink more water

Dogs with a fever stop eating is a common behavior so this is when you need to rehydrate your dog often. Warm water mixed with sugar or ginger can make your dog urinate more often and help them lower their body temperature better. Besides, you should also feed them with blender food so that the digestive system can work better. 

Đưa chó đi khám bác sĩ thú y

Take your dog to the vet for checkup

3.3. Wipe their body with wet towel

Wiping your dog’s body with a wet towel is the fastest way to cool down your dog at home. You can use a soft towel soaked with warm water or alcohol to wipe the belly, feet or armpit can help them cool down quicker.

4. Preventing fever from happening again

One of the reasons that gets your dog sick or in a fever is a bad immune system. That’s why you need to regularly boost their immune system and walk your dog regularly for better physical health. 

Besides, they will need a scientific diet and supply with probiotics to stimulate the digestive system.

Bổ sung men vi sinh để tăng cường sức đề kháng cho thú cưng

Probiotics help strengthen your dog’s immune

The article has listed out signs of dogs getting sick and also ways to cool down your dog at home. Visit Animal Doctors International website or hospitals to get consultations and checkup when your dog has a fever.