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Getting to know a veterinary hospital in District 7 that meets international standards

If you are looking for a prestigious District 7 veterinary hospital, the best option is Animal Doctors International, District 7 branch. Top of the list of veterinary clinics in District 7, The Animal Doctor International always gives all your pet love. With the information below, you will surely find the most ideal destination for your pet right in District 7.

Animal hospital in district 7

Animal hospital in district 7

1. location of animal doctors international district 7

Currently, Animal Doctors International District 7 branch is one of the branches of the International Animal Doctors Hospital system, asides from the veterinary clinic in District 2 (TP). Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh City), Tay Ho veterinary clinic (City). Hanoi) and in the capital of Laos.

Located right on the busy street of District 7, Animal Doctors branch Nguyen Van Linh is designed in modern style. Outside the clinic is a spacious parking area, meeting the needs of all customers when they come to learn about visiting, treating, and caring for their pets. Inside the hospital always ensures clean, neat, and at the same time, the medical area is scientifically designed and arranged, convenient for customers to bring their pets to visit.

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The spacious, modern facility at Animal Doctors District 7

The spacious, modern facility at Animal Doctors District 7


2. why animal doctors international district 7?

2.1. professional, dedicated veterinarian service 

With years of experience working in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Animal Doctors have continued to become a reliable address, chosen by many customers when pets show abnormal symptoms, as well as when regular visits and pet care services are needed.

With a team of trained veterinarians and a well-trained hospital counseling and support team, VET District 7 Animal Doctors are always ready to listen to the problems your pet is experiencing. From there, provide advice and care solutions as well as the most appropriate treatment, to bring the best results of visits and treatment for pets. With the motto of gaining prestige to create a brand, Animal Doctors veterinary hospital in District 7 has always pledged to provide the best quality services.

Professional veterinarian service at Animal Doctors

Professional veterinarian service at Animal Doctors

2.2. a variety of services for your pet 

Animal Doctors District 7 not only wants to help your family’s pets in some way, but more than that, we focus on providing the most comprehensive solution. Therefore, at this Nguyen Van Linh facility, pets will be able to use a variety of services:

  • Periodic health checks and development of appropriate health care plans for pets based on current health status and approval of medical records.
  • Dental care for pets such as dental hygiene, tooth extraction, dental polish, and tooth extraction has been damaged.
  • Beauty and spa for pets such as bathing, brushing, cutting nails, getting earwax…
  • Take your pet to vet for advice on ways to prevent dangerous, easily developed parasites in your pet’s living conditions.
  • Periodic diagnosis and examination: This veterinary hospital in District 7 can also perform annual examination and examination to detect diseases that pets are suffering from early.
  • Surgery: all operations are guaranteed to be conducted with a team of professional veterinarians, in sterile environments, with modern, advanced equipment systems.
  • To transport pets around the world through the safest method of transport, and at the same time, professional in supporting the preparation of relevant documents.
Animal Doctors provides a variety of services for pets living in District 7.

Animal Doctors provides a variety of services for pets living in District 7.

2.3. modern, well-equipped facility 

Not only does Animal Doctors become a top choice for customers when searching for the address of District 7 veterinary clinic when providing a variety of services, but Animal Doctors is also trusted by possessing advanced medical equipment.

  • At District 7 facility, there are enough laboratories to conduct experiments to test blood, bacteria, and detect diseases for pets scientifically, quickly and accurately.
  • In addition, the hospital also owns a modern system of X-ray imaging equipment, producing X-ray films that clearly show the bones and soft tissues of pets.
  • In addition, this veterinary branch of District 7 also has a digital ultrasound machine, with the effect of determining the condition of soft tissue in real time. Since then, it has made it easier for veterinarians to diagnose fetuses for pregnant pets, as well as many other complicated medical cases, without causing any harm at all.
Advanced medical equipment system

Advanced medical equipment system

2.4. profession, attentive groups of doctors

Animal Doctors is a rare international veterinary hospital in District 7 that has many international doctors, and also Vietnamese doctors, all graduated from leading veterinary colleges. As a result, veterinarians at this facility always provide the best treatment and treatment for your pet.

In addition, animal doctors’ veterinarians have always promoted teamwork. In order to jointly detect and solve problems that pet customers are experiencing. Because all personnel here have love for animals – customers who always get the best care.

A team of professionals who love animals is the strength of animal doctors.

A team of professionals who love animals is the strength of animal doctors.


Not only does it ensure examination, surgery or training, care, spa, etc. services for pets in accordance with international standards. And the Animal Doctors District 7 veterinary hospital has ensured consistency throughout the pet care process, from finding a supply of veterinary medicine from top partners around the world, to delivering the best medicine, to learning about climate conditions, local culture… to offer the best cure for pets. Safety and effectiveness are the criteria for prescription at Animal Doctors District 7.


Animal Doctors District 7 veterinary hospital always thinks that taking care of pet customers is always the number one priority. Therefore, in addition to medical care, we always provide accompanying services, from a young age, such as helping customers get their pets on transportation, sending medicines to their homes when they need them… To Animal Doctors, customers and pets will always receive the care and attention to maximize their satisfaction with the services here.

Pets are always cared for at animal doctors' veterinary hospitals.

Pets are always cared for at animal doctors’ veterinary hospitals.

Hopefully with the address of District 7 veterinary hospital we just shared above, you’ve found the ideal clinic for your pet. From there, help your pet have the most perfect experience as well as ensure that it is always healthy. In addition, you can visit Animal Doctors’ website as above, or go directly to 826 Nguyen Van Linh, District 7 to refer to more common ways and ways to treat your pet.