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IPATA CON 2022 – Aloha from Hawaii

Aloha from Hawaii! – IPATACON 2022

Pauline from our Pet Travel Team just spent 4 days at IPATA Pet Shipping Experts International Conference based in Honolulu, Hawaii.


This was the first time in over three years that this community could get together and see each other in person. There were over 202 attendees representing 101 different companies from over 35 countries. This was no mean feat, and hopefully another big goodbye to the effects of Covid.

IPATA CON 2022 – Aloha from Hawaii

There were many valuable speakers from all over the world and different topics that we would all discuss and collaborate on.

A couple of hot topics we know our customers will be pleased to hear about are:

This year there was a lot of talk about Bracephallic breeds and the worldwide challenges in shipping. We are more than aware of the challenges we face here in South East Asia and are hoping to contribute to the IPATA research and development programs in getting options in place with the various airlines and Vets around the world.

IPATA CON 2022 – Aloha from Hawaii

Some other great news for us is the Heathrow Animal Reception Center plans to expand which will increase the kennel availability by 18%. 🎉
Did you know, the Heathrow Animal Reception Center accept over 40 million animals a year into the centre? 😱 30% of that are Cat and Dogs.

We were very thankful for the opportunity to support the conference.


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