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The Healing Power of Cat Purrs


While cats are known for being incredibly self-healing, often times their healing abilities can have a positive effect on humans as well. Take a look at our gallery full of findings on the healing powers of cat’s purrs.



Cat create purr vibration within a range 20 – 140 Hz known to be medically therapeutic for many illnesses.

How the vibrational purring work? When the body has to face with high pressure, bones and muscles get stronger, strengthening themselves and creating muscles. The cat’s purr makes the same healing using low-frequency vibrations instead of intense high-pressure activities. Therefore, in theory, a cat’s purr can help to heal. However, healing is not just for bones and muscles, cats also have power in a number of magical ways.


  1. Lowering stress. Petting a purring cat calms down your nerves. 
  2. Cat’s purr can decrease the symptoms of dyspnea in both cats and humans.
  3. A recent study shows that cat owners have 40% less of heart attacks.
  4. Lower blood pressure. by interacting with the cat and hearing the purring sound.

5. Healing of muscle, tendons and ligament injuries. The vibrations are also helpful for healing soft tissue.

6. Healing of bones. Frequencies of 25 and 50 Hz are the best, and 100 Hz and 200 Hz the second-best frequencies for promoting bone strength.

So the cats’ purr is a miracle gift. Appreciate you purr machine, and don’t forget to bring your furbaby to the vet and get an annual health-check. In order to your cat can live happily and healthfully.