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Specialist Services

Specialist dog
training services

Due to Mark’s vast knowledge and years of experience training specialist dogs for the Australian government and military, we offer dog training services for just about any situation that highly trained dogs are required for. If you have a particular need for any type of specialist dog training, please do contact Mark, he will be more than happy to discuss with you your requirements, and how best he can be of assistance to you.



Protection Dogs

We offer specialist dog training for personal and family protection, as well as for business and corporate security. We are also available to security companies that utilise, or wish to utilise, protection/security dogs as an integral part of their security services.

Personal & Family Protection

We train your dog for you (if suitable), or we can source suitable green (untrained) dogs for you locally and internationally, and then train your dog with you. We only source dogs from highly regarded and reputable breeders and trainers of working breeds, to ensure you are receiving the best possible dog. For personal and family protection it is important that a dog is selected that will not only be a safe, loyal and loving member of the family, but also capable of protecting when the need arises.

Please, avoid backyard or inexperienced trainers, not only for the well-being of your dog, but to also ensure a high standard of training for the safety of all concerned. Training protection dogs is a specialised field that requires a trainer with many years of knowledge and professional experience. Many backyard or inexperienced trainers do not know what they are doing and will even use cruel methods to make dogs aggressive. This is NOT how reputable and knowledgeable professional trainers operate. We do not train your dog to be aggressive, but to be an all-round well-balanced dog, that you can relay on to be safe around your family, and that is also capable of protecting your family. Due to Marks many years as a serving military police dog trainer, and training protection dogs for over 30 years, we guarantee your dog’s training will be of the highest standard.

Not only is the standard of training important when owning a personal/family protection dog, but so is the ongoing training support. These dogs require continual refresher training for their entire working life to ensure they maintain a high level of proficiency. We offer continuation training for the working life of your dog.

Business & Corporate Security

We can also supply and train dogs to police dog standard for business and corporate needs, such as for VIP protection and the security and protection of business facilities.

Contact Mark for more information

Detection Dogs

Mark has trained detection dogs for the Australian Government and Australian Military. This includes quarantine detection dogs and narcotics detection dogs. If you desire these types of dogs, we can certainly offer services to supply and train dogs to locate any odour, such as narcotics, explosives, quarantine, etc. If a dog can smell it, we can train the dog to locate it.

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Specialist Services