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The Healing Power of Cat Purrs


Besides being a companion, the feline friends also have the ability to help everyone recover and heal with their purr. Find out the healing power of cat purring through the article below. 


Cats have a lot of cry that fluctuates in different frequencies, but especially their ‘purr’, which ranges from 25Hz to 150Hz. According to scientists, it is the unique cry of the species and even in the feline family, only panther can purr. This cry is made by a combination of the larynx under the throat and the continuous oscillation of the diaphragm from 20 to 30 times per second, which happens even when they are breathing. 


Many experiments show that the cat’s ‘purr’ sound is a mechanism to reduce energy consumption in the skeleton, so the cat ‘purrs’ before starting to climb, high jump, run fast … to make sure the joints are safe. The healing power of cat purring has first been demonstrated to be effective on the cat’s own body. According to a study conducted by the American Veterinary Association, which tested on 132 cats jumping from the 5th floor and more than 90% have recovered from clinical injuries by emitting a ‘purr’ to help to soothe pain, reduce swelling and heal quickly. 

The feline friends also have the ability to help everyone recover and heal with their purr


Reduce stress 

Have you ever had a long, tiring day and after 5 minutes of sitting with your cat, all your worries disappear? Not only is the person helping you vent to confide in, listening to the cat’s purrs has a lot of impacts on the brain area, which partly helps to relieve psychology and reduce stress. Many acoustic studies have shown that ‘purrs’ frequently ranging from 20Hz to 140Hz will help to improve mental health, reduce stress and fatigue. 

Improve breathing ability 

Many clinical studies show that cat owners can improve respiration and reduce the risk of diseases related to heart failure and stroke by more than 40%. Therefore, play regularly and spend time with your cat to improve your health. 

Bone healing 

From the study of acoustics researchers published in National Geographic (2009), cats’ purrs ranging from 25Hz to 50Hz or at 100Hz or more can help to increase bone density and promote sequencing. Heals injuries caused by fractures. Also, at this frequency, muscle masses and muscle cells are prompted to grow faster and the wound to heal itself faster than usual. This is the special benefit of purring that very few people know about. So always keep your cat by your side whether you are healthy or in pain, as you will not know the surprise gifts this little friend gives you. 

In addition to the benefits tested by the study above, cat purrs are known for many other unexpected benefits. 

Some people believe that cat purring causes scratches to heal and prevent infection. Not only that, but the cat’s magic cry can help relieve tendon muscle pain and ligament injuries. 

Are you amazed with the unexpected benefits of your cat friend’s purr? Not only being a companion, helping you to feel relaxed and happy when wrapped around your legs, but your cat friend is also a “healer” that can cure a lot of diseases for you. So, after reading this, give your feline friends a hug to thank them for the silent things they do for you every day. Don’t forget to take good care of your cats and take them to the veterinarian for regular checkups since your cats also need detecting potential health problems. 

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