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Desexing and Rabies Vaccination day for Dogs & Cats in Luang Prabang: 122 animals were saved

Desexing and Rabies Vaccination day for Dogs & Cats in luang prabang: 122 animals were saved

The first-ever de-sexing and rabies vaccination day in Luang Prabang! Provided by our international veterinarians and many volunteers.
Within 2 months of preparing, we are so glad that the campaign drew the attention of many local pet owners and people who rescue stray dogs and cats.

Besides neuter and spay dogs and cats, our international veterinarian helped to give rabies vaccination and de-worming medicines as well. After all, we’ve vaccinated and dewormed 100 animals and desexed 22 (11 dogs and 11 cats).

Some of the cats were sick due to hormonal injections and surgery saved their life. Each animal was brought to us because their Lao owners love them and care for them. We also saw street animals who are fed by the villagers and monks.

More than saving animals, the purpose of the campaign is changing the minds of people in the villages and even the monks about the benefits of de-sexing, vaccination and de-worming in dogs and cats, as well as giving guidance on taking care of pets every day.

The campaign was a great success. We would like to say thank you to all of our sponsors:

  • Animal Doctors International
  • Mandalao Elephant Conservation
  • Rescue House Luang Prabang
  • Kuang Si Butterfly Park
  • L’Elephant Restaurant

And big thanks to generous people who help us organize the campaign in two convenient locations:
The Meeting room of Xiennglom Village and Choum Khong temple.
Our campaign cannot reach that success without your enormous support!

Last but not least, many thanks to our volunteer for supporting us in sharing and involving in the campaign. We couldn’t have achieved so much without every single one of your help. Everyone is welcome to come again for the next time!
We will continue to bring free veterinary care to Luang Prabang as it’s beautiful people and animals deserve it.

More photos from two day of the Desexing and Rabies Vaccination Day campaign.