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Things You Need To Know About Your Puppy


Puppies or kittens are really gifts for them who love cuddling and have enough time to take care of them. Having a new fur member in your family quite like taking examinations: You only get through of it if you get strong knowledge and good skills. Your happiness is on and off when your little furbaby is healthy and sick. Sometimes it’s ok and sometimes it’s hard, but raising a puppy is never like eat a pie. Check advice from our doctors below when you consider adding a new four-legged member to your family.


Little did everyone knows, dogs’ skin is not as the same as our skin. A dog’s skin is 100 times less acidic than a human’s. Therefore pet owner should use the pet-specific products for your dog’s bathing and grooming. Human shampoo and even baby shampoo can dry out and irritate your dog’s skin. While pet-specific shampoos are pH-balanced for their delicate skin.



If nails grow too long, they can cause a puppy’s feet to splay (spread), or nails can curl around and grow into a puppy’s pads. Puppies’ nails should be kept short to help prevent nails from becoming irritated or painful. Clipping your puppies’ nails at home is not too difficult. You should ask your veterinarian or an expert to teach you how to clip carefully step by step. On the other hand, a dog groomer can help you do it quickly and nicely, at your pup next regular grooming appointment.



Believe or not, your female puppies can get pregnant as early as 6 months old! If you want to save your puppies from the risks of diseases, cancers and bad behaviours when they are in heat, you should consider de-sex them as soon as possible. Besides, you will avoid wasted time and money in the future when troubles happen. Contact Animal Doctors to book an appointment to be consulted about spaying their pet, and when is the best time to take that surgery.



Like playing with a human baby, pet parents should avoid rough play as this can be harmful to puppies’ developing bones. Besides that, puppies should participate in gentle play to help build strong muscles.



By age 3, 80% of dogs have dental health concerns. Pet parent should brush their dog’s teeth once a day for prevention; dry food or chew toys can help prevent plaque.

Contact Animal Doctors International to book an appointment to discuss everything you need to prepare for a puppy, to keep them healthy and happy.