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Having a pet is a joy, and an important responsibility. As the parent to your animal family, you want your pet to have all the care and love they need to live a long and happy life. That’s why your choice of veterinarian is critical.

You want a veterinarian devoted to keeping your pet healthy and happy. A veterinarian who works with you tirelessly to ensure your pet’s all-round wellness. And you want that veterinarian to do their best work. That means they must have first-class facilities, diagnostic tools and the right medicines.

And when your pet is unwell, you want your veterinarian to move mountains to get them back on their paws. We offer all that and more at Animal Doctors International.

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What we do

From wet nose to wagging tail – we’ve got you covered.

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Personalized treatments and preventative advice by internationally trained veterinarians.

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World-class facilities and surgeons give your pet the best chance of a full recovery.

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Holistic therapy

Holistic care and therapy for your pet’s all-round wellness and recovery.

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Cat hotel

Luxurious cat hotel ensuring their safety, health, and pampering.

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Professional pet grooming to keep your pet healthy and fabulous.

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Pet travel

Get your pet home safe and sound with our seamless and compliant relocation team.

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Our philosophy

We want you and your pet to feel like a valued member of our family. That means we’re here to take care of both of you. Our hospitals aren’t just equipped with the latest technology, tools and imported medicines. They’re designed to be welcoming and relaxing for your pet — and for you.

From reception to the treatment rooms, you’re met with smiles and clear communication as our experts talk you through every step. Everyone from our world-class veterinarians to our support staff is highly trained to make using our services the best possible experience for our furry patients and their loving families.