United by passion, we uplift the lives of animals, fostering positive change and heartfelt connections in our communities.

Caring for those who cannot speak

There are so many animals in this region without a voice. With your help, we can create a better world for them.

That’s why we invest so much in our outreach activities to help abused and neglected animals. We collaborate with conservation groups and NGOs to provide life-saving treatment to those who need it most — whether they are endangered local wildlife, or strays living on our streets with no one to count on.

Every visit you make to our animal hospital supports our efforts to help animals who are less fortunate than your pet. As your pet receives quality veterinary care from experts who love them, so does a wild animal or stray in need.

If you decide that this is something worth contributing to, we would be honoured if you lend us a hand. It only takes one person to change the world.

When you come to us, you’re not only supporting your own animal. You’re supporting this bigger picture. You’re making a difference. And you’re making an impact.

Dr Will – Founder & CEO, Animal Doctors International

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