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The Little Needle Story

The Little Needle Story

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends doctors should NEVER reuse needles AFTER drawing up the vaccine? This recommendation is not only applied to humans but also to animals. There are 2 significant reasons for this.

The Little Needle Story- Câu chuyện về mũi tiêm nhỏ - The animal doctors

the first and most important reason is

Needles are not needed to be used in people to transmit diseases. The viruses are already on the vial. Our eyes can’t see viruses and bacteria. These factors are always in the air and might be on the vial. After doctors draw up the vaccine from that vial, the virus is now passed to the needle tip. What would happen if your doctor keeps using the same needle for injection? It’s 100% sure that the virus on the needle will be passed to your pets.

how about the second reason?

Keeping your imagination with that same tiny needle. After drawing up the vaccine, the needle is removed from the rubber lid. This act blunts the needle, hence causes more pain for your pets.

The truth is not many veterinarians change needles

It’s might because they lack knowledge, or worse, they just don’t care. However, it’s not the case at Animal Doctors International. Our veterinarians NEVER reuse those needles even though pets can’t speak and our clients don’t know.

Animal Doctors International cares about patients and follows strict protocols. That’s just one of the unseen ways that we ensure the exceptional quality of veterinary care that makes us different.