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This article contains all the information you should know before you jump in the car to make the road trip with your favorite canine as easy as possible!


It’s better to make a list before you pack your dog’s stuff. Consider your pet’s regular daily activities and how you can keep them as consistent as possible while traveling. Don’t forget to bring enough treats, toys, as well as your pet’s regular food. To keep your luggage portable,  taking the mini-size or travel pack of those things is a good idea.  If you have a long trip, consider taking your dog’s bedding and bathing stuff.

car safety

Before the big day, consider exactly where your pet will ride in the car. Some experts advocate keeping your pet crated while in the car, but you may also consider one of the pet harness options available for car travel, or a back seat partition. Please keep your dog secure in the car to prevent them from posing a hazard while you’re driving!


stop early + often

If you ‘ll be driving for more than a couple of hours, planning for adequate stops at safe locations. Just like humans, some dogs don’t like the feeling of getting stuck in a small space in a long time. Stopping often throughout the journey keeps your fur-kids feel comfortable as well as help them fulfilling power for the next drive.

Give your pet a chance to relieve themselves while you’re stopped, maybe they want to take a rest or solving their personal demands by themself.


when you get there

1. Release some energy

Take your dog on a long walk or play a game of fetch to allow your pet to release some energy.  Your dog also needs to be acquainted with the new surrounding. If ok, help them to socialize with other neighbor pets.

Remember: A tired pet is a  happy pet!

2. Pet-proof the room

Check the room for potentials hazards, like exposed cords if your dog is a chewer. Consider additional pet-proofing for dogs who may scratch at the door!

3. Relax!

After your long day’s drive, both you and your dog can now enjoy some well-deserved rest!

Animal Doctors International is now a full member of IPATA – International Pet and Animal Transportation Association. Call or email our Pet Experts directly on travel@theanimaldoctors.org now, we are happy to answer your questions related to Relocating your pet!