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Tips to Prepare the Home for A New Pet

Welcoming a new pet to your home is somehow overwhelming. Pets like dogs and cats bring happiness and relaxing time to us, their owners. However, it takes you great efforts, time or even money to take a good care of them. If you are not sure about what must do before the first day welcoming your new fur-baby, check the list below to get more details!


1. Cleaning

A clean home is a good home. Not only for us but also for our animal companions, a clean and neat environment is good for their health and mood. If you haven’t had your home a big day of cleaning for a long time, spend just half of a day to give your house a once-over. Vacuum the carpets, remove rubbish and dirty dishes. That would be a wonderful beginning!

2. Security

You would terribly regret if you ignored to check around your house to make sure there is not a secret door that you don’t know.  A good idea to walk around the yard ensuring your furbaby won’t get into mischief and try to escape!

4. Nutrition

Your new pet should be feed in the right way. However, deciding on the type of diet can be a bit tricky. On the first vet visit of your new pet, don’t forget to speak with your veterinarian to find the best nutrition that is right for your fur-baby.

3. Pet – proof

A safe home is a must for any new addition. Just like baby-proofing, you will need to puppy-proof your home. Make sure you do all of this:

  • Keep your trash under wraps.
  • Free of charge: cover and contain cords.
  • Properly stow bags.
  • Create a drug-free zone.
  • Watch out for poisonous house plants.
  • Give them space.
  • Pack your poisons.
  • Set limits.
  • Heights: keep your pup grounded.
  • Batteries are not remotely safe.


5. Supplies

Shopping for pet supplies is one of pet’s owner little joys. A good idea is asking other pet owners or finding on the internet before making a list of what you will need. You can get advises from your vet, too.

6. Toy

Depending on the type or size of your new furbaby, it’s time to buy some new toys. Purchase a few different kinds to give them variety, such as balls, rope toys, chew toys, treat-dispensing toys, etc. You also can make some toys by yourself at home. See examples and tutorials at our Pinterest channel

7. Space

Like all members of your family, furbaby needs to have their own space, too. Creating a safe space for your furbaby, somewhere where all of their stuff belongs. It may be a corner of your living room, space under the stair or even in the kitchen, where attractive treats are waiting for them.


8. Inside or outside

Is your furbaby going to be an inside or outside dog? Possibly both maybe? Consider this to choose activities that suitable for your furbaby.

9. Adjustment

It may take time for your new addition to adjust and get used to the new surroundings.

10. Routine

It may take some time to set up a routine for your new pet, but the quicker, the better as it will teach your furbaby routine. Take those activities for examples:

  • Feeding schedule
  • Potty training breaks
  • Playtime
  • Nap and bedtime