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Pet Surgery


Dedicated. Compassionate. Skilled.

We never know when our pet will need surgery. If they do it’s important to know that they’re receiving the best care.

At Animal Doctors our veterinarians carry out surgery in the security of our dedicated surgical suite, using specialist equipment and in a sterile environment. Specially trained veterinary surgeons monitor the anaesthesia with modern equipment throughout the procedure and our surgeons employ the most modern surgical techniques.

Safety is our highest priority

From the equipment we use to the medications we offer, we perform every pet surgery with safety as our highest priority. General anaesthesia can pose a certain degree of risk for even the healthiest pets, which is why we take every precaution to keep that risk low.


Animal Doctors International uses:

  • Inhalational Anaesthesia
  • Single-Use Sutures and Needles
  • Comprehensive Pain Relief
  • Internationally trained Veterinary Surgeons

to ensure your pet receives the best care possible when they need it most.