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Every pet parent wants to give their loved one as much health and happiness as possible. With a VIPet membership, your pet gets all the love! VIPet membership is your pet’s passport to quick, hassle-free treatment and preventative care all year long.

As a VIPet member, you say goodbye to consultation fees. Enjoy unlimited access to our compassionate and knowledgeable veterinarians whenever you need them, without any extra charges!

VIPet members and their pets have a whole healthcare team by their side all year long. But there’s even more to VIPet service than that. You don’t just save on consultations; you save on pet-care services too. Experience the joy of giving your pet the VIPet treatment and reap the rewards of a healthy, happy furry friend.

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Membership Benefits

As a caring pet parent, you want the best for your fur family. VIPet membership provides free consultations with our team of veterinary professionals, who will offer their expertise, guidance, and support throughout your pet’s life. This ensures that you can always make informed decisions for their well-being, based on expert advice and genuine compassion.

Consistent care throughout the year nurtures a deep, emotional bond between you and your pet. We understand each pet is an individual, with their own specific health needs and concerns. Spending quality time at check-ups and maintaining their health allows you to cherish every moment together, creating a lifetime of beautiful memories.

By investing in a VIPet membership, you’re not only protecting your pet’s well-being but also safeguarding your finances from unexpected veterinary expenses with special discounts on surgeries and procedures should your pet need them.

Banish the nail-clipping blues with our pawsome VIPet membership! Enjoy free, stress-free nail trims for your furry friends whenever and wherever they need it – at any of our locations. Let our expert groomers pamper your pets to perfection.

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