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What is the 7-in-1 vaccine for dogs? Price and how-to

The 7-in-1 vaccination for dogs is often given repeatedly by experienced veterinary institutions and dog breeders for beginners. These extremely important vaccines can not only help pets reduce the risk of effective infectious diseases.


1. what is the 7-in-1 vaccine for dogs?

The 7-in-1 vaccination consists of dog immunizations to prevent seven infectious diseases that your dog is vulnerable to. Specifically:

  • Vaccination against saury (Carre). It is a virus-induced disease, transmitted by dogs exposed to excretion or cages, food bowls, toys, and equipment that have been infected with germs.
  • Vaccine against Parvo disease. This disease is transmitted from feces, food, water, and infected dog supplies to healthy dogs. Parvo does not have a special drug, vaccination is the best method of prevention and leads to risk because it has a very high mortality rate, especially in dogs.
  • Vaccination against infectious hepatitis. Food-borne disease has been infected into the dog’s body. Even if dogs are treated for infectious hepatitis, there is a risk of recurrence. It is also a disease that can cause death in dogs.
  • Vaccine against caged dogs. This respiratory disease is very common in dogs, especially in cold winter or during the change of seasons.
  • Vaccines against influenza. If it is not treated early, it can cause complications such as pneumonia.
  • Vaccines against Lepto. The disease is caused by a type of spring-shaped bacteria, also called “bacterial sponges”. Lepto is an extremely dangerous disease for dogs because the mortality rate is very high, even easily transmitted to people who are in contact with sick dogs. Lepto is caused by a spring spiral bacterium.
  • Vaccination against Corona. This is a fairly common intestinal disease in dogs because it is highly contagious, although it is classified as a relatively mild, treatable disease. However, if a dog with Corona is infected with a virus that causes Parvo disease, or an infection caused by another intestinal pathogen, the death rate is very high.
Vaccination for dogs is essential

Vaccination for dogs is essential

2. How and where to get the 7-in-1 vaccination?

Choose reputable vaccination facilities or choose to purchase vaccines with clear origins to ensure best performance. Animal Doctors International is a unit with a team of experienced veterinarians and state-of-the-art equipment, best-quality vaccines and best-of-breed vaccine preservation to help your dog stay healthy.

Vaccination at Animal Doctors International International

Vaccination at Animal Doctors International International

3. how to get your dog vaccinated with the 7-in-1 shot

If you have enough experience as well as expertise, you can also vaccinate your pet at home (Not recommended).

3.1. preparations

3ml needle
The 7-in-1 vaccines are purchased at veterinary facilities and must be transported and stored cold (2-8 degrees Celsius)

3.2. How to implement the 7-in-1 vaccination

  • First, remove the needle shell and use a needle to drain the solution in a water-filled jar and pump it into a dry jar, and then shake it up evenly.
  • Get a mixture of fluid that’s shaking well and inject it into the lower part of your pet’s skin.
  • Monitor your dog for about 30 minutes after the injection.

3.3. Schedule the 7-in-1 vaccination

According to the vaccination schedule of Animal Doctors International International, the first nasal vaccine is given when the dog is at least 8 weeks old.
Then, you give your dog a second shot at 10-12 weeks old. And the shot should not be more than 2 weeks and more than 4 weeks later from the first shot.
The next seven vaccinations are given at the time when the dog is 14-16 weeks old. Similar to the time gap between the two injections, you should not send your dog to vaccinate the 7-in-1 shot 3 weeks earlier and 4 weeks later from the time when your dog was FIRST vaccinated.
Since then, once a year, you have repeatedly given your dog the 7-in-1 vaccination and get them periodically dewormed, which helps ensure that the dog’s health is always healthy.

Vaccinate dogs at the right time and schedule

Vaccinate dogs at the right time and schedule

4. 4. Common Misconceptions About the 7-in-1 vaccination for dogs

4.1. 4.1. Dogs seldom go out DO NOT NEED injections

Many people think that dogs that are not exposed to the outside environment will not be at risk for infectious diseases, so no vaccination is required. In fact, with the current increase in the number and density of pets in the city, in addition, dog families have relatives and friends visiting their homes, or owners returning from a trip,… If you don’t get enough vaccination, you can bring the virus from outside into your home, threatening your pet’s health.

4.2. Dogs that have been vaccinated will not be infected with the diseaseS

There are hundreds of diseases your dog can have, and a 7-in-1 vaccine can only prevent seven of them. Or even if your pet is vaccinated, you should always keep an eye on their health. When any unusual symptoms appear, take your pet to prestigious veterinary hospitals for visits and treatment. In addition, the 7-in-1 vaccine needs to be repeated every year.

Dogs are still at risk for other diseases despite vaccination

Dogs are still at risk for other diseases despite vaccination


There are many concerns about dog vaccination. For example, before taking the injection, send your pet to prestigious veterinary hospitals for a general health check. Dogs with bad general conditions should not be vaccinated, especially when they are infected, requiring treatment in advance. You can get a normal vaccination after you’ve secured your health.


The 7-in-1 vaccine is effective, but only for a certain period of time. Some are effective for a few years, but some are only a year. Therefore, it is necessary to have the dog vaccinated every year.

Have a dog examined before giving an injection

Have a dog examined before giving an injection

Thus, here is all information about the 7-in-1 vaccination for dogs that every owner should know. Before vaccinating your dog, take your pet to a health check-up at a veterinary hospital, to make sure your dog is healthy for vaccination, and don’t forget the recommended vaccination time. Animal Doctors International, an international veterinary hospital that provides full vaccination and visitation services for dogs, will be your trusted companion throughout the pet care journey.