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Why Should I Neuter My Cat?

Most of the pet owner know that we should spay or neuter our cats of dogs. However, not everybody knows the reasons behind: Why should we de-sexing our pet? What is the impact on your pet’s health as well as for society? Let’s see what our international doctors tell about neutering a female cat!

  1. Neutering your female cat means you never have to angrily get up at midnight and try to stop your cat’ wailing. Female cats who are in heat absolutely nightmares for all pet parents. Their’s wailing is apparently annoying. Sometimes you may have troubles with your neighbours because of your furry friends.
  2. There is no doubt that kittens are extremely cute. However, taking care of them takes remarkable times, efforts and money. There are millions of homeless kittens were abandoned every year. It’s not fair for them! Every kitten was born deserves a good owner and good veterinary care.
  3. Neutering your cat? Say goodbye to the smelly urine around your area! Female cats tend to spray their urine everywhere when it’s coming to the season. To be honest, it’s not a good story to tell your friends about one cat lady’s life!

4. De-sexing leads no fighting. Like in the human world we have one phrase describing rightly this situation: “No love no trouble”. Neutered cats are about to have fewer injuries than others. Your veterinarians will love it. And your wallet will say thank you, too!

5.  Neutered cats love staying home, sleeping on your lap, or playing with fish in your living room. In another life, a mature cat without de-sexing absolutely ignore her pet owner to roaming and wandering outside. As a result, good cats stay home will have less chance they are hit by a car. 

6. Without approach other cats, neutered cats are less likely to get dangerous diseases and the risk of cancers is reduced. 

7. A sad truth for all pet parents: Your baby cats can breed from four-month of ages! De-sexing is a necessary thing you can do to protect your kittens.

8. Did you know? One unneutered female cat can be responsible for 20.000 descendants in just five years. If you still insist on keeping your cat growing naturally, can you be responsible for taking care of all her kids?

Contact Animal Doctors Internation to book an appointment with our doctors to answer all your queries about de-sexing your cats!