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Acupuncture Session For Baby Cat Noel | Special Service At Animal Doctors International

Xoăn and Russi, are back for their regular maintenance session, and this time, they’ve brought along their adorable little brother, Noel!
Three cat siblings receiving treatment from ADI doctors
Noel is the little brother of ADI’s regular customers – Xoăn & Russi
Noel experienced his very first acupuncture session with us. He had a hard time with constipation, but at such young age, traditional medications wouldn’t be nice for him, so acupuncture is the best solution for Noel’s health. He adapt very well with the needles and fell asleep during the procedure.
Noel the cat receiving treatment
Meet our baby cat Noel

Acupuncture for pets is a gentle, yet profoundly effective, adjunct to traditional veterinary medicine. This time-honoured healing technique, which strategically places tiny needles at specific points in the body, can address a range of conditions, from arthritis to anxiety, allergies to epilepsy, with no side effects. Acupuncture opens a new pathway to wellness for your companion, enhancing the body’s natural healing capabilities, promoting relaxation, and improving overall quality of life.

We are offering free consultation for all animals on 31/01/2024 at our D7 Hospital, so if you’re wondering does acupuncture fit for your lovely companions, this is the time!