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We Helped Mash’s Behaviour Issue With Acupuncture

Meet Mash, a charming feline who was facing some behavioral challenges. Mash’s distress was evident as she was peeing in the house, a sign of discomfort often overlooked as mere misbehavior. Her interactions with another cat in the home were strained, leading to tension and unwanted habits, like marking territory where the other cat frequented.
This is Mash!
We took a holistic approach to help Mash find her balance. By integrating Acupuncture Therapy and Herbal Medicine into her routine, we addressed the root of her issues without the need for conventional medication.
Mash on her first Acupuncture session with us
Mash on her first Acupuncture session with us
The results? Mash has made a remarkable turnaround! 🎉 Her house-training is back on track, and she’s forming a more peaceful relationship with her feline housemate. The beauty of acupuncture is its ability to enhance the body’s natural healing process, fostering relaxation and an improved quality of life. And the best part—all this with zero side effects!
Acupuncture has no side effect at all
And don’t worry, even if Mash didn’t like needles in the first place, we still can perform Tui Na for her. Learn more about Tui Na here.
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